Things change.

New information is often uncovered in discovery, unexpected issues develop, or your goals may shift.  You deserve a legal team that quickly identifies changing circumstances, adapts strategies in real time, and ensures you’re equipped to meet new challenges.  You need a law firm that is nimble.

Budgets, like cases, evolve.

We understand that fees are an important bottom line measurement.  We designed our organization to keep overhead low, so we can get down to what is important.  MBCB does more for less.

But time stops for no one. 

Maybe you need counsel for a new issue or you find yourself in an attorney-client relationship that just does not fit. Either way, time is of the essence, so please let us know how we may be able to help.

Meet Hamish Cohen: as the firm's managing partner, Hamish understands that time and money are foundational to every relationship. Whether it's coming in on-time or under-budget, he prides himself on finding right combination for every client.  Learn more about Hamish.